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Faq For Compulsory Earthquake Insurance

01 Jan 2016

Faq For  Compulsory Earthquake Insurance

1. What is DASK?

DASK is Turkish Natural Catastrophe Insurance Pool (TCIP) http://www.tcip.gov.tr/#. More commonly, it is known as the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance.

2. Can I have one Comprehensive Housing insurance policy including DASK conditions?

No. Compulsory Earth Quake Insurance (CEI) can not be combined with housing insurance. 

3. What does CEI cover?

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance covers the losses incurred due to an earthquake and/or fire, explosion, tsunami and landslide arising from earthquake under the limits stated in your policy.
4. What is the period of CEI?

It is one year and policy should be renewed before expiry date.

5. What documentation do I need for CEI?

Foreign ID number, home address, city, town, district, street, house/flat number, floor number, house/flat gross area m2

6. I am a tenenant, can I get CEI policy on my name?

No, You can only get the policy on the name of property owner. Indemnity will be paid to house owner

7. If I lose the policy and insurance agency can’t reach policy number what should I do?

You can call ALO DASK 125 help line to find out your policy number, then agency will provide you another policy with this number.

8. Is there any deductable on the policy?

Yes, 2% deductable is applied to the insured.