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Faq For Residency Health Insurance

01 Jan 2016


  1. What is the requirement for Health Insurance for living in Turkey?
Effectively January 1, 2012 foreigners who would like to stay more than 90 days in Turkey have to get Compulsory Health insurance to get the residency permit.
  1. What does the Mandatory Health insurance for Foreigners cover?
Your policy must cover both outpatient and inpatient treatments.
  • Outpatient coverage limit should be 2.000TL share of insured is 40% with contracted health institutions and non-contracted health institutions,
  • Treatment of Warrants
    doctor Examination
    Medicines (standing)
    Diagnosis (standing)
    small Intervention
  • Inpatient coverage should be unlimited with contracted health institutions, with the non-contracted health institution, coverage limitation should be 20.000 TL and share of insured is 20%
  • treatment Warrants
    Hospital-room-dining companion
    Doctors follow
    Medicines (inpatient)
    Diagnosis (inpatient
  • Care
    Chemotherapy, radiotherapy-Dialysis
  1. What documents do I need to provide for Health insurance?
  • Passport
  • Height and weight information
  • Address
  • Phone number
  1. Is there any waiting period for coverage and what are they?
Yes, waiting period is 12 months. During this period diagnosis and treatment expenses of below mentioned illnesses and complications have been excluded from the insurance scope.
1. Wart, lipomas, sebaceous cyst (wen)
2. Arrival, anorectal diseases (hemorrhoids, anal fissures, fistula, anal abscess, etc.), Sinus pilonidal is (cyst sacral dermoid), hydatid disease, all kinds of hernia (abdominal organs hernia etc.), gall bladder, thyroid and breast
3. Nose, tonsils, adenoids, sinusitis, all expenses associated with hearing defects, ear tube insertion,
tympanoplasty, etc.);
4. Cataract surgery, glaucoma,
5. Uterus, ovaries, sistorektosel, Bartholin's cyst,
6. Knee (meniscus lesion, ligament rupture etc.), Trigger finger, all kinds of entrapment neuropathy, ganglion cystic
hygroma, Morton’s neuroma,
7. Urinary diseases, hydrocele, prostate,
8. Spine and disc disease, facet denervation, nerve blockade,
9. Each kind of organ transplants (transplants)
11.high blood pressure diseases,
13.Heart diseases
14. All endoscopic diagnostic and interventional procedures
15.H types of cancer
16. Ulcers, gastro esophageal reflux
17. Physiotherapy
18. Rehabilitation
  1. If I have to change insurance company, do I have to wait one year again?
Yes, it is important to pay attention to this detail. If you'd like to change your current insurance company for some reason, you should consider waiting another one year for the treatments stated number 4. Many of insurance companies will consider you as a new client however there are some companies might keep your rights.
  1. What are the geographical limits of this policy?
 It is available Only in Turkish Republic (TC), North Cyprus and other countries are out of the limit.
  1. I have children under age of 18. Do I have to get separate policies for them?
No, children under age of 18 will be included in the same policy with parents. Limits will multiply for each person in policy. For example outpatient limit 2000TL applies to each person in policy.
  1. Can I go to uncontracted hospitals?
Yes you can but inpatient treatment will be limited with 20.000TL and you will pay 20% of the expenses from your pocket. Outpatient expenses will be the same limit with 2.000TL and you will pay 40% expenses from your pocket.
  1. Which age group don’t need Compulsory (Residency) health insurance?
Ages after 65 and between age group 0-17 don’t need to have residency health insurance.
  1. We are a couple can we be in the same policy?
No you can’t, each person must have own policy.
  1. The limits and coverage of MHI is not enough for me, can I buy other private health insurance?
Yes you can buy other Health insurance policy with better coverage and higher limits. 
  1. Why should I buy a second health insurance policy?
Residency Health insurance has 2.000 TL limit on out patient, With second policy you can choose unlimited or the limit you like , also this policy will cover you on abroad as well.
  1. Can I choose my MHI and second policy from different insurance companies?
Yes you can choose different companies but it would be better to to get 2 policies from the same company. Firstly, it is easy to follow up, secondly on renewable time, we can negotiate better deal for you.
  1. Where can I find out list of contracted hospitals in my area?
You can search from internet asking for example “.(Name of the insurance company)... anlasmali hastaneler?"