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Residency (İkamet) Health Insurance

Standard policy which all insurance companies provide the same standard terms.

Private Health Insurance

Provides a protection against health risks that may result from accident or illness.

Travel Insurance

Guarantees risks such as illness, accident, loss of suitcases that may be encountered on trips.

Incoming Insurance

A kind of travel insurance which you can purchase before you travel to Turkey.

Vehicle (Kasko) Insurance

Protects your car against damages that are not related to a collision.

Compulsory Traffic Insurance

Valid within the borders of Turkey, and motor vehicles without this insurance is prohibited in the traffic.

Property Insurance

Provides an option where the insured is covered with one of the offered limits.

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance

Ensures the compensation of the material damages on dwellings caused by natural disasters.

Home Contents Insurance

Pays for damage to, or loss of, your personal possessions located within that your house.

Superior Value To Our Clients


What We Offer

We deliver “superior value” foremost by building relationships with our clients. In order to be your long-term trusted insurance agent and risk advisor, we spend a great deal of time to identify and understand your risks and insurance needs. Based on these, we analyse all options available in the market place, compare the results to each other, and ultimately recommend options that present the best value.

What You Can Expect From Us

- Online insurance application and policy support
- English, Italian, French Speaking Insurance Experts
- Expert analysis and recommendation
- Competitive prices and discounts
- Policy contracts available in Turkish and English
- Claims expertise and customer support
- Consistent, friendly customer service


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