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Foreign Driving license

05 May 2016

Foreign Driving licenseThe law states that if you stay less than 6 months at a time in Turkey, you can use your foreign license. If you stay longer than 6 months at a time, than you need to exchange your foreign license to a Turkish one.  There is concern about what happens if you have an accident and you need to make an insurance claim. The six month rule is a new law and that’s why insurance companies will assess the situation and claims as they come. If you need to make a claim while using a foreign license, an insurance company might require your passport to check the period of stay in Turkey.  There is no certain procedure at the moment but never the less, we will stay on top of this issue and update you on how insurance companies are implementing this new rule.  If you are driving within the parameters of the foreign  license rules, rest assured your policy will cover you.