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Compulsory Traffic Insurance

  • It is valid within the borders of Turkey.
  • Motor vehicles without this insurance is prohibited in the traffic.
  • As specified in the policy, in the case that the driver, while operating the vehicle, causes the death of another person or injury to another person or damage to something, the legal liability of the driver in accordance with the Road Traffic Law No: 2918, is covered by the mandatory traffic insurance within its limits.
  • Traffic Insurance are charged annually.
  • Compulsory Traffic Insurance compensates the damages of the third parties, does not pay damages to your vehicle. To cover damages to your vehicle you need to have Motor Insurance (Kasko).
  • Compulsory Traffic Insurance does not compensate moral indemnity claims.
  • Guarantee limits and premiums are determined by the Treasury and are in effect after they are announced in Official Gazette.
  • Limits of Liability depends on the vehicle type. With the law, brought in June 2015, medical expenses of third parties are paid by SGK (Social Security Institution).

By 2017 for auto (driver included 9 seats); 

Compulsory Traffic Insurance Liability Limits
  Per Car or Person Per Accident 
Physical damage  31.000 TL 62.000 TL
Medical expenses  310.000 TL 1.550.000 TL
Mutilation and death 310.000 TL 1.550.000 TL

If you find the mandatory limit is inadequate and want to raise them, it is possible to have higher limits with optional liability coverage in Motor Insurance which is locally called Kasko.


                                                      "Traffic Insurance Quotation is valid on given date"

The information asked from insurance companies in order to quote your Compulsory Traffic and / or Optional Auto Insurances for your vehicles are as follows:
  • Provisional Certificate given by notary (Geçici Belge); an example of this document is here below. 
  • ASBIS Referans Numarası / ASBIS Reference number
  • Plakası / Plate Number
  • Marka  / Model
  • Model yılı / Year

 When you buy a brand new vehicle, you must provide proforma Invoice .

The information that you need to provide for your renewal policies are as follows;
Fill the « request form » by using the data in your licence:
  • Plaka / Licence plate
    TC Kımlık/Vergı no / TC ID or TAX Number
    Belge Serı no / Document Serial number on identification page (see below example)

1. Credit Card
2. Bank / ATM / Online Banking: You can use your online bankıng system to transfer the premium amount from your account to PolicyForExpat account.