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Residency Health Insurance

With the regulation came into validity in 11th of April 2014, it became mandatory for foreigners who would like to stay in Turkey to have Residency Health Insurance to receive residence permit in Turkey.  Age under 18 and over 65 don’t need compulsory health insurance.

Residency Health Insurance is a standard policy which all insurance companies provide the same standard terms.

Coverage Limit of Coverage Contribution Limit of Coverage Contribution
Inpatient Treatment Unlimited None 20.000 TL/year 20%
Hospital Room & Meals Charge for standard single room None Charge for standard single room 20%
Intensive Care Charge for Intensive Care Unit None Charge for Intensive Care Unit 20%
Outpatient Diagnosis& Treatment 2.000 TL/year %40 2.000 TL/year 40%
Auxiliary Medical Supplies 1.000 TL/year %40 1.000 TL/year 40%
Emergency Assistance and Medical Consultancy Unlimited None Unlimited None

With this health insurance you shall have;
  • Quality services in the contracted institutions
  • No insured’s contribution in contracted institutions for inpatient cares.
  • 24/7 Health Assistance
  • Affordable premiums
​This insurance policy covers people between ages 0-70.

How can you get your quote and policy?
All you need is to fill up the form, then we will offer you the best prices. After your approval, you have to decide the payment method so that we can issue your policy. Then, we will send your insurance policy by e-mail and post it to your address.

1. Credit Card
2. Bank Transfer