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Motor Insurance

Main Risks: Hit, Being Hit, Collision, Fire, Theft, Roll, Fall
Comprehensive coverage may help protect your car against damages that are not related to a collision, such as:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Fire
  • Natural disasters (like Earthquake, Flood, Deluge, Thunder, Hail Fail, hurricane or a tornado)
  • Falling objects
  • Damage done to your car by animals
  • Full Replacement
  • No deduction for increased value
  • Continued coverage limit
  • No-claims bonus
  • Legal Defence
  • Accidental disability
  • Medical treatment
  • SRCC/Terror/Political Violence
  • Loss of Key, Stolen Key
  • Damages from Cigarettes and alike
  • Damages from  LPG
  • Radio/Music Player and Similar Hardware
  • Indemnity against Non-pecuniary Compensation
  • Vehicle Support/Small Repairs/Assisting Services
  • Substitute Vehicle
  • Abroad Coverage
  • Personal Belongings
  • Commercial Vehicles with Explosive / Burnable / Flammable Cargo
  • Special Discounts for  Fleets
  • Optional Third Party Liability etc.


The information asked from insurance companies in order to quote your Compulsory Traffic and / or Optional Auto Insurances for your vehicles are as follows:
Provisional Certificate given by notary (Geçici Belge); an example of this document is here below. 
  • ASBIS Referans Numarası / ASBIS Reference number
  • Plakası / Plate Number
  • Marka  / Model
  • Model yılı / Year
 When you bought a brand new vehicle, you must provide proforma Invoice .

The information that you need to provide for your renewal policies are as follows;
Fill the « request form » by using the data in your licence:
  • Plaka / Licence plate
  • TC Kimlik/Vergi no / TC ID or TAX Number
  • Belge Seri no / Document Serial number on identification page (see below example)

1. Credit Card
2. Bank / ATM / Online Banking: You can use your online banking system to transfer the premium amount from your account to PolicyForExpat account.